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Auto Rickshaw Advertising is the most effective mode of advertising in cities like Nagpur because one auto rickshaw travels minimum 80 to 90 km in one shift so it catches maximum eyeballs. Auto Advertising in Nagpur is one of the best ways of advertising by which you can make people aware about your products and services.

By advertising and promoting their business in the market businessmen are able to increase their sales and profits of their business. Companies and firms can get a range of benefits from their business by hiring the service of Auto Advertising in Nagpur from Orchid Advertising Agency. As Orchid Advertising is one of the best agencies in Maharashtra that offer superior quality advertising services at affordable rates. Also Orchid Advertising is Best Auto Advertising Agency in Nagpur. Our company is one of the companies which serve clients across urban and rural parts of India.

Orchid Advertising the Auto Advertising Agency in Nagpur has tied up with many Auto Rickshaw Associations (Union) for a guaranteed return of your money. The benefit of the advertising apart from being obvious attention that this media attracts many, it has a very low cost per eyeball ratio, it moves to the crowd catering to vehicular, pedestrian and local transport passengers all at once.

Today every brand or company fights for greater market share and auto rickshaw advertising provides a boost for your brand. Everyone has to travel at least 10 km within the Nagpur city in a day to day life and while waiting on signal many of them read it for information, latest offers, and sale in the city or to pass the time but auto rickshaw medium has an average viewership of 5000 views per auto rickshaw. This is the emerging advertising medium for densely populated country like India.

USP of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Nagpur is:-

  • Cheaper rates than Hoardings and Print Media
  • Comparatively new space and generates more curiosity
  • Roaming visibility to your Brand for at least 16 hour a day
  • Average viewership of 5000 per Auto rickshaw
  • Auto Rickshaw travels at least 90 km per day
  • Cost per unique impression is less than any other media

This advertisement gets a mass exposure per second. It is a win-win situation for both the brand which is getting advertised and also auto rickshaw driver as he gets a commission for the placement of advertising on his auto rickshaw.

Looking at the scenario, many companies are opting for or auto advertising agency in Nagpur and other cities, as it is cost-effective marketing option as compared to advertisement through bill boards. It is a new trendsetter in the recent times. It provides moving visibility to a brand for at least 16 hours in a day. It is an innovative medium to advertise a brand and catches attention from people from all walks of life. An Auto Rickshaw runs through alleys, roads, crossroads, highways, auto rickshaw stands and traffic signals so the advertising has a very fair chance of getting noticed by the people.

Orchid Advertising is backed by a team of adept professionals who are effective in providing the best of services at cost effective rates. We work in close coordination with the rickshaw drivers and the companies that are advertising their brands. We are capable of meeting the requirements of both of them in the best possible manner. We offer great deals of both of them and charge a commission that is in accordance with the prevailing market rates. Orchid Advertising has an objective to create a strong network and generate business to its clients by the quality and instant service. The consumers are the best judge and so we promise to deliver value for money. Maintaining the relationship by providing ends and solution and providing valued service is our prime motto.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Nagpur has the advantage of being able to successfully impact many people at the same time without being too expensive an investment and when used in conjunction with other media, it becomes a very effective way to strengthen your marketing campaign or launch of some product.

If you are searching for Best and Reliable Auto Advertising Agency in Nagpur you have to the right place. Orchid Advertising will offer you best service at good rates. Give us a call at 9136667999 or drop a mail at [email protected] for more details.

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