"It has a High impact of the brand exposure & generates early response too."

This lookwalkers also known as iWalker, Ad walker, Human banner, Walking billboard is a Mobile Advertising format. It is a kind of Walking billboard. In this kind of advertisement, person carries a Lookwalker billboard on his back and then moves in the market. Also, this billboard glows using a battery. This leaves an everlasting impression on the customers. This kind of innovative advertisement has the HIGHEST RECALL RATE OF THE BRAND and that’s what the real purpose of advertisement and innovation.

In lookwalker walking billboard advertisement Advertising Walker walks with the crowd, and makes an incomparable impression. Look walker is a best medium to create a BUZZZZZ in a market. Read more... This can be used at the time of Store launching, Product launching, SALES promotion, Special promotions, Road shows, Movie promotions, Buzz marketing, Sampling, Expos etc. So iWalker is an Advertising format which is versatile and effective for promotions of brands and Events when they are deployed in group at any location. This being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences.

Look Walker is a mobile advertising format, consists of backlit LED illumination, front and rear billboards perfectly positioned to view at any angle and at sight reaching distance. Look Walker is crafted in a compact backdrop structure easy to carry on human shoulders and light in weight to handle. Above all Look Walker is eco-friendly, and an initiative to contribute towards climate change.

  • Opening a new store - you got to try this.
  • Special offer/ discount today - let the human banner tell the customers.
  • Admissions open in classes/ schools/ colleges - we can get you the most students.
  • This mode of Advertising also helps to promote your upcoming movies.